Recycling & Trash - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is That??

  1. Why do the plastic caps have to be thrown away?

    Plastic caps are made from a different type of plastic than the jugs or bottles and cannot be recycled together because they melt at a different temperature and can ruin a batch of plastics being processed for recycling.
  2. Why can't some plastics be recycled in Oriental?

    In our area, there are only markets for #1PETE and #2HDPE plastic jugs and bottles. Other plastics are not acceptable. Even tubs that have a #2 symbol cannot be recycled. Jugs and bottles are "blow molded." During manufacturing, air is literally blown into the container to inflate them like a balloon. They cool very rapidly. Tubs are "injection molded." The plastic is stamped into its shape and it cools less rapidly. The two materials are not compatible for recycling, despite their having the same #2 marking. Another telltale sign to distinguish the two is "blow molded" containers have a seam along the bottom. Check the bottom of all plastic containers for easy identification. Look for the recycling triangle.
  3. How do I recycle household hazardous waste including electronics items such as computers, printers, etc.?

    The Coastal Regional Solid Waste Management Authority (CRSWMA) holds 3 annual 1-day collection events in the fall. Usually, the Carteret County collection is in September, the Craven County collection is in October and the Pamlico County collection is in November. Call their offices at 252 633-1564
    after August 1 for exact dates, times and locations for each year’s events.

    For more information, check out the
    EPA eCycling website.
  4. How do I contact the town recycling coordinator?

    The current town recycling coordinator is Joe Valinoti.  Joe may be contacted via email at or through the town office at 252-249-0555.