Tree Board

The Oriental Tree Board is comprised of seven members, volunteers who are dedicated to planting and tending the trees throughout Oriental on town properties, parks and rights-of-way along the roads.  Tree Board members are happy to help residents with any questions they may have about the better species to plant in the region, when and if a tree needs pruning, and anything regarding how best to help trees thrive. The Tree Board holds its meetings the last Tuesday of each month at 9:00 AM at Town Hall.  The group also meets at other times during the month for watering, pruning and tending to the town's trees.   All meetings of Oriental's boards and committees are open to the public.


John Deaton, Chairman


Missy Tenhet, Vice Chairman


Michelle Brooks  

Phil Borders

Janet Chinea

Cynthia Swiskey

Cathy Washburn




Commissioner Liaisons:

Allen Price 


We thank the members of the Tree Board for all of the hard work they do in maintaining the status of Tree City USA!